Avocado Shrimp Rolls

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking to friends about a business trip he took to Texas. The conversation reminded me of a dish he ate at a local seafood restaurant during that trip; a beautiful spicy avocado shrimp cocktail. Then I thought of a delicious New England style shrimp roll we ate during a weekend getaway. From there, my brain married the two and this dish was born.


The dish starts with two chopped avocados. In this instance you want avocados that are ripe, but still firm. No need to be precise. A rustic rough chop is perfect.


To the avocados, add the zest and juice of two limes. My husband was already saying how good it smelled at this point!


Next, rough chop two pounds of cooked shrimp which have been chilled.


Add the shrimp, one-quarter cup of mayonnaise, salt, cilantro and a dash of your favorite hot sauce to the avocados. My mayonnaise of choice is Veganaise Grape Seed Oil, but use whatever you have on hand.


Gently mix well to combine.


To cut the richness of the avocado shrimp roll, I decided to serve a quick and easy slaw with it. I totally cheated and used a bag of slaw mix instead of hand slicing everything. Add one-quarter cup of mayonnaise, one-quarter cup of honey serrano vinegar, salt and celery seeds. You could also use plain old white vinegar or apple cider vinegar as well. Toss well to combine.


Spoon the avocado shrimp mixture into your favorite roll. The slaw and some pickled jalapeños are the perfect accompaniment to the avocado shrimp roll because the tang cuts the richness.


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