Super Bowl 2014, otherwise know as the Snack Bowl!

I really have no desire to watch football, I don’t like it and never have. However, there is something to be said for the Super Bowl. Great commercials, a sometimes great half time show, parties, and game day food. The commercials, half time and food I enjoy. Honestly, mostly the food!

This year we are enjoying a quiet Super Bowl at home. That said, we still wanted to enjoy the game day food. So, on a smaller scale, I staggered our favorite snacks throughout the day. Just for the record, no, we do not eat like this every day!


This beautiful creamy guacamole was the first dish of the day. Great for dipping just as is, or as a topping on nachos. As a bonus, it is also simple to prepare.


Meanwhile, the pulled turkey for the barbecue pulled turkey nachos is simmering away nicely on the stove.


Next up to tackle dairy free queso. My husband mentioned the velvetta queso which we can’t or won’t eat in our house. I decided to create my own dairy free version. It got my husband’s approval for being just like the queso he remembered. Also for use on the nachos, but will it make it that long?


Of course it did not! We snacked on some with pretzel nuggets and blue corn chips as a starter.


Next up, these gorgeous broccoli and dairy free cheddar tater skins.


The Pulled Turkey Barbecue nachos were next, starring the pulled turkey and guacamole shown above.


Last dish of the day! Sriracha wings fresh out of the oven!


Served them with a honey coconut yogurt dipping sauce and garnished with scallions and sesame seeds. These were, I believe, my favorite dish of the day. I am a sucker for sriracha!

Some of these recipes will be in a blog to follow. It was too much to include them all today. I hope everyone enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday!


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Self-taught home cook. I love being in the kitchen, it brings me happiness and joy. In the kitchen, I can relax and let my creativity flow. View all posts by Melissa's Menu

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