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Home Brewed Kombucha!

Recently, I have developed an obsession with Kombucha. So, the hubby and I did some research and decided to start home brewing it. Yes, we can do this! I never realized how easy it would be, and how much better the result than most of the store bought brands I have tried. The best part is you can personalize it to your own taste.

Right about now, some of you maybe thinking kombu-what?!?!? Kombucha is basically fermented tea. It is tangy and sweet all at the same time. It is also chock full of probiotics and nutrients.


We decided to start with a half gallon kit from Kombucha Brooklyn, and our first batch was started with all the ingredients therein. We decided to switch from the standard Black Tea to organic Dragonwell Green Tea and organic cane sugar for the first fermentation of our second batch, shown here.


Once the tea is brewed and sweetened, it is time to add the additional water and the SCOBY. SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. In other words, the good bacteria and yeast needed in the process of fermenting Kombucha. We obtained ours from Northeast Homebrew Supply, however, more SCOBYs are produced during the process for future use or sharing.


Once the SCOBY is happily floating in the nute, also known as the sweetened tea, it is time to cover it with some organic cotton. This prevents anything from getting in to the Kombucha and allows it to breathe. Now, for the primary fermentation. For the sourness level I prefer this step took seven days.


From the half gallon, we were only able to fill three sixteen ounces bottles. Not nearly enough to support my new habit! Since we are new to this, we decide to flavor during our secondary fermentation using dried fruit. We used strawberry ginger, blueberry and raspberry. The secondary fermentation takes about two days for light carbonation which is my preference.


After our first few batches we realized brewing a half gallon at a time was not going to work for us. We decided to purchase these beautiful one gallon crocks. Now we can brew two gallons at a time!


One happy SCOBY waiting to get to work in it’s new home.


It’s new home? Our first one gallon batch! We are using organic Wu Yi Oolong Tea for this gallon.


For the second one gallon batch we are again using organic Dragonwell Green Tea. This SCOBY is smaller since this is it’s first batch.


Now we wait! In seven to ten days we will be bottling two gallons of Kombucha for our drinking pleasure.

The basic ingredients for one gallon are:

Twelve grams of loose tea
One cup of organic cane sugar to feed the SCOBY
Fourteen cups of water (four to heat and brew the tea, ten cold to add once brewed and sweetened)
One cup of nute from your last batch

If you want to check out Kombucha Brooklyn, this is their website:


I purchased their book Kombucha! I read it from front to back in one day and learned so much! Here is the link:


Also, a shout out to our local Homebrew store, Northeast Homebrew Supply! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.


Homemade Bubble Tea!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE BUBBLE TEA!!! This was my first attempt at making my favorite beverage at home. The first time I tried Bubble Tea, the owner of the tea shop told us it was really a pain to make. He was so wrong!!

First, to make the tea. For this batch I used Stash Black Chai. Started two quarts of water boiling, added ten tea bags and steeped for ten minutes or so. Found my favorite glass pitcher, strained the tea into it and placed in the fridge to cool while working on the rest.

Next, the simple syrup. Two cups of water, one cup of brown sugar, one cup of regular sugar, four cinnamon sticks and six cloves went in a pot. Boiled it over medium heat for ten minutes or so, stirring to make sure the sugar all melted. At this point, the house smells FABULOUS!! When it finished cooking, I strained it into the appropriate size Mason jar and it joined the tea in the fridge. Best part, this syrup keeps for two weeks in the fridge! I made extra to have on hand.

Next, for the tapioca pearls. THIS was the scary part, since I have never worked with them before. In my four-quart pot I added six cups of water and a seven ounce package of the tapioca pearls. Cooked according to the package instructions, at a boil for fifteen minutes, then off the heat for another sixteen minutes or so. Took out the fine mesh strainer, and I admit, held my breath. Strained the pearls and rinsed them under cold water. Once strained they went in a dish with about a cup of the simple syrup. Once cooked, the tapioca pearls only keep for about six hours, so you have to use them the same day. This was NO PROBLEM in our house!

Finally, we could drink the tea!! Into a glass goes a third cup of the tapioca pearls (AKA the bubbles), a third cup of very vanilla soy milk, and filled the glass to the rim with the tea. With a wide barrel straw, we all enjoyed! Was amazed to learn that not only was bubble tea NOT a pain to make, but it was really quite easy. The portions, type of tapioca pearls, and type of tea can be adjusted depending on the mood. For my first attempt, I was more than satisfied with this batch!!

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